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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

My Friend,

I find myself reflecting heavily on my life over the years and realizing that I've come so far in my journey. I'm enjoying this moment and I'm grateful to the stars both inside and out.

We are all unique and have so much to give. I have so much to share and much to work towards. It has taken me many years to realize my strengths and how I can best contribute. I wasn't born knowing how to activate my ego, I had to apply much effort and be developed in this area. Even though, it's still in development mode I see signs of it all of the time now. Particularly in the way I think, speak, how I dress, and how I carry myself. I enjoy this version of myself. Don't get me wrong, I've always loved myself, but had difficulty knowing and expressing the depths of self.

When I was in my twenties I had to work extremely hard to build a brand new confidence. Adding to that, in my early childhood, I didn't fit in with others. It was challenging being inside my body and being anxious all of the time. I never wanted to be called out by teachers or be in the forefront. For me, back then, that was the nightmare of the century. It wasn't until my adolescent years that I started to feel comfortable in my skin while in public and felt more acceptance among my peers.

Embrace Self

Now that I'm much older I've learned over the course of many years to embrace my quirks and my weird-ass self. And although I still don't fit in, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm solo to the core; I can travel alone, dine alone, entertain alone, and yet I can equally do all of these things and more with others and have the best time ever. Enjoying life is key, but knowing what works for me and doing it is also valuable. I know how to spend quality time alone soul searching and still get down with the best of friends and family.

Legacy Building

As I continue to study and create my life's path, I'm writing and sharing what the universe shares with me. I'm telling my story; as it is a brave and extraordinary one meant to be shared for generations to come. My legacy is being my TRUE authentic self, no longer the fearful and shy little girl ruling my every move; now SHE gets to stand behind the scenes and watch in ahh, while cheering ME on to the ultimate transformation.

Happy Reading!

Peace, Love and Balance to All!


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