• Katrina Z'Chori

Soul Awakening

My Friend,

In the beginning, it was challenging for me once I stopped following a set system of religious beliefs. Initially, there were feelings of disappointment that I chose to share with a select few of whom I knew would handle with great responsibility. In addition, I've always been considerate of others' beliefs and found it challenging and somewhat disrespectful to impose my way of thinking upon others. Now that I'm even more tolerant of other's perceptions I realize that each of us seeks a deeper level of conscious awareness; however, the path we take to get to the source is what makes us unique. As a result, I'm able to appreciate the journey of others without feeling the need to agree or disagree. I realize it's not my place to judge another person's journey, but to listen and perhaps share my gifts when the moment presents itself. Besides, with such prejudices embedded in the soul, you can't be of great service to others. Ultimately, people need to know they are valued by others and if you aren't the one to show just that, it's time to step aside and let another more evolved soul share the experience of appreciation.

Timing Matters

Having perfect timing is key when it comes to sharing your gift with others. In other words, not only is it good to know when to share, but also knowing when your mission is complete or when the season has changed is just as important. Don't allow yourself to be a crutch for those you serve. I've had many situations and will continue to have these roles where I do specifically what I'm equipped to do for another and realize when it's time to move out of the way for a more personal transformation. I've also had a few reality checks about the kind of connection it truly was. It isn't our assignment to be an established crutch for anyone. It's hard enough to carry the burden of your own soul. Serve your purpose with joy and move on in order that you may be fulfilled. We're here to master our own lives so let's grow without expecting others to do our individual soul work. However, in order to grow we must be aware of others and share our gifts; and while sharing our gifts we learn lessons about ourselves and others. Each of us has that special something to offer the collective; and once we let go and offer it freely we become whole from within.

Demand The Best Of Self

It isn't always easy to give of yourself when your focus becomes how you feel you've been hurt or broken down from past experiences. However, you deserve the very best from yourself and cannot obtain it when playing the blame game. It is time to step into being your true authentic self and stop hiding in the shadows of disappointment and the like. It's time to go deep within to discover your true identity and your true purpose. Live it, Be it, and Receive the gift of true freedom from within that only comes with fulfilling your true life's purpose.

Embrace all of you without despising any part of yourself because its what makes you you. Yes, even the negative traits. And the thing you dislike about self could possibly keep you from embracing another with a similar quality. Learn to improve upon the things you can change about yourself like negative thought patterns or unhealthy communication. We're all here to grow and evolve. Share your gifts in order to grow and expand. Share your gift to receive the happiness and peace that you seek. Share your gift to obtain true freedom that comes from within. Love your body for it is truly a gift from the universe and your connection to the earth.

Final Note

Finally, when sharing your gifts, watch out for arrogance and pride on your part. Remember as you share you are also learning lessons about yourself, so being humble helps. Also, to be well received check your approach and delivery. Is it self-centered, irritable and impatient? Or is it thoughtful with a more tactful approach. In fact, for some, a gentle delivery may be more receptive. Patience is key to showing loving kindness as well as being grounded and centered.

Peace, Love and Balance to All...for the Good of All!


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