• Katrina Z'Chori

Remember The Mission

We all have a purpose and made a commitment to fulfill that purpose upon entering this earth plane. Some do just find remembering to fulfill the calling with ease, while others may struggle and become filled with frustration, doubts and disappointments. The body is given in exchange for completing an assignment while on the earth plane. In other words we need our body in order to accomplish the task of daily living and completing the mission. If one fails to complete it then one may suffer the consequences. There is a price to be paid and this can occur in either a psychological form or physical ailment or both. The mind and body starts to feel the weight or pressure from the lack of responsibility to commit to ones true path or calling. Additionally, our bodies communicate to us were we are not fulfilling our mission and it affects us in ways that relate to that specific purpose. It's important to listen to the body. What is your body saying to you? Or where are you feeling complications? This may speak directly to your assignment and the specific area of life you are to touch.

Case in point, I'm learning right ways of communicating and when missing the mark, I notice pressure on the airways/lungs among other things related to communication. We've all had a moment of inappropriate communication, however, it's what one does to correct the behavior pattern that counts. Adding to that, being constantly aware of our own patterns and practicing mindfulness is key to positive outcomes. The universe always gives us warnings about whats appropriate or not; it's up to us to pay attention and heed the warning signal.

Your Purpose

Your purpose usually draws others to you in need of your guidance or specific gifts. What or Who are the people drawn to you seeking? What do they usually need from you? What do you find yourself discussing, doing or sharing with others consistently? What do you naturally enjoy in life with or without a monetary reward or recognition? What do you usually avoid and no matter what you're still confronted with? The answer to these questions could possibly shed light on your true calling and thereby enhancing your overall quality of life bringing you joy and peace of mind.

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Peace, Love and Balance to All for the Good of All!


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