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Updated: Apr 14, 2020


What's happening with Katrina Z'Chori Wearable Art:

I realize that we all get a ton of emails everyday and if you're like me a large percentage of them are never opened because they're either coming from an unknown address, not a priority, or most of them end up being junk mail. And it makes you wonder how did any of these people get your email address in the first place.

Well I've been putting off sending emails for the reasons mentioned above in an attempt to not overload you. However, I know that most companies send several emails a day to remind you that they are still out there doing business and that I had better do something to show my presence or I'll (my art brand Katrina Z'Chori) soon be forgotten. Not to mention, I have worked many hours on my wearable art designs not to be forgotten, but to be shared with you. Therefore, please take a few moments to read and perhaps share this update on the Katrina Z'Chori brand. It is my desire to keep making beautiful #handmade art to find a new home with you my #patrons. I can only do so with your continued support.

As a #Fiber Artist one way my brand receives recognition is through local and regional art fairs that I participate in. This is also how I met most of you. So, it was disheartening to say the least when all of my upcoming Spring 2020 shows were canceled. Participating as a featured vendor at art shows is exhilarating for me personally. It's like having a natural high. I enjoy meeting new and previous patrons and lovers of the art. Adding to that my website doesn't draw nearly as much traffic and neither does #KatrinaZchori social media, but this can change with your help! This is where you can help make the difference.

Since we won't be meeting in-person this spring and who knows what will happen this summer. I'm asking that you visit my website KatrinaZchori.com for some fantastic sales going on right now! In addition to our current sales you can apply coupon code: KZFIBER25 for huge 25% Off a minimum purchase of $75 plus get free shipping for a limited time.

Additional ways to help

Here are some additional ways to show your support:

Show your support in whatever way you feel necessary or however you can.

Future Blog Posts

I'll be sharing more lifestyle posts and I ask that you like, share, or comment on post you relate to.

Thank you for taking time from the day and reading this. And as always thank you for supporting Katrina Z'Chori, shopping small businesses, shopping woman small businesses, and supporting the #arts, and #artists alike.

From: Katrina Z'Chori - Peace, Balance, Love to All!

Stay Safe...Stay Strong with Nature!

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