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Nature...Self Care

Stay Safe...Stay Strong with Nature!

For years I made the claim that "I'm not an outdoors person." It wasn't until a couple of years ago when I was featured in my first outdoor art festival that I knew this claim wasn't quite true. It was just an excuse I made to avoid being outdoors, but more about that in a future post.

Last year I had several situations were the subject of hiking came up with family and friends and this had me saying over and over "I need to go hiking." I knew that I needed to reset and connect with nature in a deeper way and wanted a natural form of therapy. So to make this short we've been hiking just about every week now since the start of February. This started out as a birthday present to self and my first hiking experience was exuberating to say the least. From the tall trees, the flowing waters, the smell of the atmosphere, the sounds of nature in the woods away from everyday city life, the inclines, and walking in the mud or actually slipping and sliding around in the mud to keep my balance was ALL so fun, relaxing and exciting.

Now this is the one thing I look forward to doing. In fact, I would hike more often if it weren't for the long drive times. We've walked several different hiking trials both in Missouri and Illinois and I prefer trails with a fair amount of incline activity that really get the heart pumping. I'm also, learning to practice mindfulness breathing techniques since this has been an issue. See here below and above were I've included a few pics and a short video of us in nature.

For our first hiking adventure and to bond with others as well as get to know more about hiking in general, we joined the hiking group Blackpeoplewhohike. You can find out more about this group on IG or FB just click the link above. Although we enjoy the group experience we also enjoy going on our own because we all have a different pace and timing.

Check out these trails and more

I enjoy the hike at Weldon Springs Conservation in St. Charles, Mo and Don Robinson State Park and a few others. For information about local hiking trails sign-up for the AllTrails App.

What do you do for self care?

In what ways has this been beneficial? Let me know your thoughts and experience with hiking or great hiking trails to adventure.

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Stay Safe...Stay Strong with Nature!

From: Katrina Z'Chori - Peace, Balance, Love to All!

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