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Let's Talk About It!

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

My Friend,

Depression is a serious issue and many deal with it silently. However, I have a strong desire to talk about it! As it relates to my personal journey, I've been feeling good these past few months staying the course, setting my intentions and going deeper into the heart of me. The programming and demands that society places upon one can do a real number.

Today, in an instant I felt a sense of sadness come over me; so I immediately confided in a close friend because in that moment I couldn't fully comprehend why I was experiencing these feelings. To make this short, I was reminded of my journey and that my story is meant to be shared; my voice is being used to engage and help encourage others. If you're having feelings of depression or anxiety, reach out and don't suffer in silence. Use your voice to help others. We all need encouragement.

As past issues arise, if possible, deal with them quickly and move on to avoid depression. I don't know what the future will bring, but I don't worry about it because that produces anxiety. What I know is the present has dreams that are unfolding before my very eyes. This present moment brings love, life, laughter, meditation, rest, healing, peace, joy, offerings, writing, sharing, happiness, patience, endurance, music, songs, singing, dancing, hard work, learning, teaching, building, personal truth, awakening, moments of acceptance, creativity, clear communication, divine connections, positive partnerships, Legacy Building and more!

Build a Legacy you can be TRUE to and honor!

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Let's talk about it!!

Peace, Love, and Balance to All!


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