• Katrina Z'Chori

Easy Meals...Self Care

In keeping with up with my personal self care routine, eating foods that fuel my mental, physical, and spiritual being are key.

I've incorporated a mostly plant based and alkaline diet into my daily regimen; a journey that has become a lifestyle over the past few years now. I haven't missed a beat and I feel really great about my food choices and eating habits now more than ever.

I realize how simple it is to eat to live and I no longer have cravings that dictate or drive me into eating foods that are acidic in nature. Adding to that, if I want a sweet treat I'm not easily frazzled if I can't get it. In fact, I'm able to go without them for days and in some cases weeks at a time.

Using food as a tool of communication and having a healthy relationship with each meal is important because I know that what I eat helps to sustain and give me the fuel needed to expand and grow my personal "brand" and self.

Sometimes when we're craving certain foods its because we may be deficient of vital minerals that are lacking in some acidic foods. Also, certain cravings or addictions could mean we have't taken the time for self...to nurture self...and look after the soul.

If you are wanting to cut back on certain eating habits, soul probe and realize what's missing, tend to it and the urge to over indulge on anything will eventually began to fade. Know that it may NOT go away completely, and that's okay. This could be a test of your will power and and discovering what you really want. Set some boundaries for yourself. Maybe once a week or once a month. It's your choice anyway you look at it.

Keep it Simple

Since I like to keep things simple, I regularly prep quick and easy meals and save my energy for longer meal preps when I know I'll have a helper or for special occasions like hanging out with love ones. See pics below of some of my quick and easy, but fulfilling and delicious meals. I like to make my own sauces or spreads using items like Grape seed oil, pink Himalayan salt, cayenne pepper, ginger powder, walnuts, hemp seeds, tomatoes and a whole lot more. We like tasty foods with flavor.

Great Vegan Food Available

My first experience with eating Burro Banana Fries was with YoJoy Vegan and these fries were so far beyond delicious that I knew this would be a regular in my diet; therefore I had to make them myself. You can fry them or bake them for a less oily option. I've also chopped the bananas up for a chili style soup. For more about what they have to offer check out YoJoy Vegan foods on IG and FB. Whatever you enjoy I'm sure they'll whip it up just for you vegan style. Eating with YoJoy Vegan gives you a great healthy, but soulful experience. Now that's what I want; real food for the soul that helps me live long, healthy and whole.

Happy Reading!

Peace, Love and Balance to All!

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